D.T. Person is a twenty-two year-old fat-acceptance blogger and feminist with actually very specific media training.

He still rejects the premise that these mountains are molehills.

  1. Hi! Today’s post is the first of your’s that I’ve noticed on the Fatosphere, but I have to say that your blog is excellent so far, and I really enjoyed reading all the posts in your archive. Your perspective is valued.

    Also, it sounds like you may not have been able to jog lately because of an injury? That can affect your mood. I’ve heard that it doesn’t work for everyone, but the most helpful effect that regular exercise has for me is in powerfully moderating my tendency toward mild, chronic depression. If it works that way for you, being aware of it might ease your mind a little.

    • Thank you for the compliment. 🙂 I was heretofore unaware of your blog as well, and enjoy it, the “sensei-switch” technique especially: I will use this power only mostly for good.

      I do like to jog, and have thankfully resumed after a stupid and entirely preventable injury – having lapsed a month in my habit, I expected to return exactly where I had left off, with predictable results. It’s physically therapeutic, for sure, but I wonder if I wouldn’t also benefit from similarly focusing the rest of my leisure time, to extend the baked-in “righteousness” of exercise to any other activity I undertake explicitly for myself regardless of its socially redeeming purpose.

      Kind of a platitude, and a tangent to boot. But I imagine with recreation, like anything else, one gets better with practice, and this is something work-outs possess from the first.

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